Thank you for authorizing me to leave before time.

I think we're doing a good job.

There were more students at my high school than there are billionaires in the world.

Vasilissa turned into a white swan and flew away through the window.


I believe that Samir is innocent.


I've lived a long time.

He needs a raise.

Do you eat chilies?

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You have to do it by yourself.

Your system isn't suited to our company's needs.

Is this service available?

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We've come to get you.

Go to the hardware store and get screws.

You're unforgettable.

Panacea's mother's dead.

He waited for her at the airport.

Tell me about your family.

Birds often fly together.


The students are all at their desks now.


I'll miss you a lot when you go.

I just said that.

This party is an intimate gathering.

Do you know how to pronounce this word?

I can't be unconcerned about your future.

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We don't have any chance of winning.


I just don't want you to have it.

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No one is answering.

He should have kept that secret.

Where did you get the eggs?

She brought me many novels in German.

I seize the moment and turn it to my advantage.

If a restaurant has valet parking it's probably pretty expensive.

I knew many of your faults, but lying is a new one to me.


Let the good times roll.

I'm amazed that you say that.

We ate some Swedish meatballs with gravy, potatoes, and lingonberry jam.

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Has anyone actually talked to Clayton?

He is not able to know the truth.

I can hear a saxophone playing somewhere.

I am an only child.

My dream is still just a dream.

It is time to go to school.

Tell her to take a hike.

He loves her hair, her smile, her eyes? Man, he's a good liar.

Joanne has gone away for a weekend.


Mashing potatoes with your non-dominant hand is hard, but good practice for becoming ambidextrous.


The reader is important.

You've got a lot of explaining to do.

I'm taking away your phone.


I feel much better today.

Mott found Johan's note taped to his door.

We adopted a baby.


Can't you go tomorrow morning?

He took out a dollar from his wallet.

Ahmet is a reputable and a trustworthy person.

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Write something about this picture.

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It is not necessary for us to attend the meeting.

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The whole Earth was shocked.


Jerry was going to be transferred to Boston, but they decided to fire him instead.

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And so you've finally come back to Russia.

Jay ran across the field.

You need not take off your shoes.

I'm mad at them.

Everything seems to be just fine.

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He talked for three hours non-stop. He's unbearable.


I handled it poorly.

Is it really you who started art classes?

You need to clean your windshield.


Are you done washing your hands?

We don't know yet.

I follow orders.


The patriarchal system has always been more prevalent.

What's this book about?

Have him come.

That's an original idea.

Only the word "dumb" can be a perfect synonym to the word "racist."

It's been ten years since he died.

Stop. It's not funny anymore.


What do you really think of him?

A lot of people were out of work during the Great Depression in America.

What am I supposed to do after I finish doing this?

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I asked you to wait for me.

The wide range of products on offer really means that there is something for everyone.

I hope that Japan will abide by Article 9 of her Constitution.


The harbor was crowded with vessels of every description.


I have never tried Chinese food.

Do I have to study?

He applied himself to the study of Spanish.


Chuck and Rafael were plotting to kill Antonio's father for the life insurance.

He changed schools last year.

We were talking about you that day.


I have to turn in my report today.

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Bradford wants to change the world.

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I can't hide out forever.


Let's drink another beer.

You are my only hope.

Sylvan should've gone home earlier.

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I am looking for a native speaker who can correct this paper for me.

Why would I celebrate?

How did you get over the difficulty?

Eduardo wanted a bicycle.

Wendell managed to swim across the river.

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Michel unfolded the map.

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He kissed her cheek.

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Did you break the window on purpose or by accident?


When a child, he was in delicate health.

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Barton counts on Ric.

I tore up the letter and threw the pieces in every corner of the room.

How is the economy?


Mysore and I are students.

She was taken ill on holiday.

I don't worry about the risk.


All you have to do is take advantage of this rare opportunity.

I have no quarrel with Jeffrey.

Triantaphyllos needed it.

I saw that report.

I can't work with him.

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I'm fasting.


Les advised Tao to go to the hospital.

You ought to have a carpenter's square.

The rain changed into snow.

We had a wonderful holiday in Sweden.

Give us the details.

I have no books to read.

Please step aside.

I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Their sweet melody made young people feel free.

They won't find him.

Even if he is in trouble, Mac is always optimistic.

Is that the way to answer?

I wished I could express myself safe, clear, friendly and appropriate to the situation.


You'll never know what hit you.

I had hardly checked in at the hotel when he called me.

You two were always so cute together.


The neighbors will call the police if you don't turn the music down.

I'll change my flight.

Let me show you my scrapbook.

He is much taller than I am.

Does Pantelis really want me do this?

I wish that more people would take time to properly recycle.

There's been a sudden change of plans.

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It makes a big difference to me.

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We don't have much more time.

Hi, how are you, my dear friend?

Belinda died a few years later.

For a fortune, a fortune and a half.

I like watching movies.

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Some people think Kathryn's native language is French.

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Many people thought that the war would be over by Christmas.

This looks bad.

It prevented a civil war.